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Women Influencers Main

50 Inspiring Egyptian Women to Follow in 2021

We’ve scanned social media for the most influential health and fitness accounts. Despite there being too many to count, we brought you a list...
Yasmine Nazmy - Happy Belly

Yasmine Nazmy Author of vegan Happy belly and owner of “KAJU”

Yasmine feels that her journey with food is always kind of in service to  those around her, and herself too, but mainly, it was...
Mayar El Sherif - Tennis


Mayar Sherif is the 1st Egyptian to win a Grand Slam match in 44 years and the 1st Egyptian to win an Australian Open...
Passent Herky

Passent Herky , A Competitive Fitness And Pole Champion.

Passent Herky is a 27 years old lady who’s been owning fitness since she was 10! Passent joined the National under 12 team, and...
Moms and Kids activities

10 Entertaining Mother-Child Activities To Enjoy At Home

Let’s walk you through 10 Fun activities for Mamas (and Papas) to share with their kids at home during the pandemic! Make cookies, decorate and film...
Mariz Doss Main

Mariz Doss: A passion of Running & Climbing for a greater cause

The head start Mariz’s passion for sports, running and climbing mountains has given her a platform and an exposure that she would have never dreamt...
BasiPilates - 3sixty pilates

BasiPilates – The most prestigious Pilates program is now in Egypt

The most prestigious Pilates program worldwide, BasiPilates, is FINALLY IN EGYPT, thanks to 3sixty Pilates. The Mat and Comprehensive teacher training lasted four days, with...
Rasha Baramawy

Dr. Rasha Elbaramawy Nutrition 101 for dummies/foodies

Nutrition is essential for every one of us, whether it’s for health maintenance, or body transformation. Nutrition is the science of taking in and...
Coach Ramy setting goals

Coach Ramy – A Guide To Achieving our New Year’s Goals

Setting goals is rather easy, but the challenging part is achieving them; That is where Coach Ramy came in to share with us a...
Yara Shalaby Rally

Yara Shalaby| A Fierce Rally Racer Who Never Quits When It Comes To Passion!

This story is about passion.. about pursuing dreams. Yara Shalaby spent years in search of her passion, and despite how cliché that sounds, passion is...
Farah Shimy

Farah Shimy: Exploring the World of Modern Competitions

Farah Shimy has been an athlete her entire life. Ever since she was a child, her parents made sure she and her two brothers...
Gezira Club Event

Gezira Sporting Club’s Iconic Track gets a revamp!

Gezira Sporting Club just celebrated the opening of the newly refurbished 400 m track! We started our day with 1 KM run and was...

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