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Somaya Essam
On a never-ending journey of discovery. Health and fitness enthusiast.
Sandra Samir Tennis

Sandra Samir: Breaking the Boundaries of Egyptian Tennis

Sandra Samir is a 22-year-old professional tennis player and Business student. Inspired by her older sister, Sandra first started tennis at the age of...
Farah Shimy

Farah Shimy: Exploring the World of Modern Competitions

Farah Shimy has been an athlete her entire life. Ever since she was a child, her parents made sure she and her two brothers...
Shaza Shark Dahab

Shaza El Qersh: Founder of Dahab’s First CrossFit Box

Last month, Dahab witnessed the opening of its first-ever CrossFit box: Sharkfit Dahab. As they say, good things never come easy, and the journey...

The Warrior Princess: Habiba El Kobrossy’s Journey in Fashion and Fitness

Habiba El Kobrossy's dream was to become a model. She has been trying to get into the field since 2014. It was quite a...

Anti-viral sportswear: Sigma Fit’s Shield Against The Pandemic

Sigma Fit is the tech-wear company revolutionizing sportswear. In 2017, three petroleum engineers identified the lack of technology in sportswear, so they started a...
Fel 3agala el Salama

في العجلة السلامة: Etisalat Misr’s Exquisite Biking Initiative

To raise awareness on the importance of health and sports and to encourage people to bike and live healthier, Etisalat Misr CSR is launching...
Hossam Antika Main

Antikka’s Transformation Journey- A Story of True Inspiration

You may know him as the best photographer in town, but what you may not know is that, on the other side of the...
Cavio Hit Clan

Cavio and The Fitness Industry: The Making of a Successful Entrepreneur

Abdelrahman Alaa, aka Cavio, is a 29-year-old entrepreneur, pharmacist, and an ex-soccer player. After graduating uni, Cavio had a very well-established pharmacy career while...
Muhamed Ali 3asab - Mr Olympia Vegas

Road To Pro – 3asab’s Journey to Bodybuilding Glory

After his remarkable COVID-19 recovery, Bodybuilding Champion Mohammed Ali Zayed “3asab” is now preparing for 3 major competitions on his “Road to Pro” journey....
Omar Parkour Main

Omar Mokbel: Pioneering Parkour with Passion and Dedication

Omar Mokbel is 24 years old professional parkour athlete who gained interest in the sport roughly 9 years ago. It all began after he...
Yasmen Abulmaaty

Yasmen Abuelmaaty: The 19-Year-Old Pole Vault Future Legend

Yasmen Hazem Mostafa Abuelmaaty is a 19-year-old pole vault athletics champion, gymnastics coach, entrepreneur, and Industrial Engineering student. Yasmen started her athletic life as...
Haidy Morsy

Haydy Morsy: The Golden Champion of Modern Pentathlon

Haydy Adel Morsy is an Olympian and world champion who currently studies marketing at the AUC. Haydy coincidentally found out about pentathlons in 2010...

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